Who I am...
    Name:   Emil Milchev Minev
    Born:    13 august 1980
    High:    172cm  (and growing)
    Weight: about 60 kg
    I was born in a small town in the middle of Bulgaria. It was a beautiful summer day (wednesday) and I was still in my mother's stomach. I remember that the sun was shining so brightly that I had to put on sunglasses. The birds were singing such wonderful songs that they made me  dance. And I was dancing till the glorious moment came, when I decided to go out for the BIG walk of life. It was exactly 3:20pm!!!
            Now I live in the same town and I am studying Economy.
       I love to work on my computer (his name is Svircho) and to surf the Net. You may ask me what I work on it? Well... I am trying to become a very good programmer, and I am also trying to understand the "secrets" of the Net and much more things..... Oh, and not to forget the Games. I also  like to go to the mountaines with my best friends ,where we have great fun together.
       I like to make friends from many other countryes and it will be nice if I meet them some day. So if you are one of my future best friends from anywhere of the Universe, you can write me e-mail or contact me on ICQ!!!
And here they are:
                             ICQ UIN#  5402171            emcho@usa.net
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