Here are some COOL links:
darco    Great page with a lot of VBScript
studio   demos (it is on Bulgarian)

Lory's photo           Guess what you can fined here

Venci's home          The home page of a friend of mine

HiMaz Ware            The page of some friends of mine

Kambo's home         Also a nice page

Virus For you           This is the best of the online
                                 magazine "Virus For you". Go there
                                 to have fun! (it is on Bulgarian)

Pearls                       Perli na madrosta - sha se prasnete
                                 ot smiah

Vicove                  Mnoooogooo  vicove!!! Go and have fun

Technolink              Great porno site!!!

CyberErotica          The first Bulgarian Erotic Site

gibek mp3s            Bulagrian tupan-tekno MP3 site - samo gibeci ;)