Veliko Tarnovo 
        I was born and now I live in a small city called Veliko Tarnovo. It is situated in the middle of North BULGARIA.
        How can you find me?
        First you must go straight ahead, at the Newsagent's buy a "PC Magazine" and then turn left. At the third turning  go right and after a while you'll reach MacDonald's restaurant. Order one BigMac with French fries and Sprite. Tell the waiter to pack the food for home. After that go West - East till you reach the Sahara Desert. Hire a camel (and buy a packet of the same cigarettes), then travel day and night as long as you reach Egypt. Cross the Suez cannal and go straight ahead till China. Then turn left and again left,  then cross Asia, swim across the Black Sea and you will step on the Bulgarian shore. Go ahead to my wonderful city.....  and ask for me. There is not a person who doesn't know me.
        Veliko Tarnovo is a small,  ancient city with a long history. We have even a castle called Tsarevets, which is situated on the hill Tsarevets. In the evenings there is a wonderful show - "Sound and Light". The whole hill gets colorfull, and shows our history with the lights and the sound. It's worth seeing!!!  Believe me!!!  When you come and visit me, I'll get you there.